A brand which designs products that are luxurious. beautiful. sustainable.

Jenny Ragnwaldh Accessories is a luxury sustainable fashion brand based in Hong Kong created in 2018 by the Swedish stylist Jenny Ragnwaldh.

The collection has two lines: Unique fabric bags and beautiful accessories with a luxury feel, made from second hand- vintage clothes and high quality fabric leftovers which are handmade locally in Hong Kong; Vintage inspired leather belts with a modern twist which are handcrafted in China.

The signature of Jenny Ragnwaldh’s design is a vibrant mix of patterns and colours influenced by Eastern and Western culture.


We use used fabrics, designing it in our own way.


I want to create beautiful accessories that women can use often in their everyday life. The accessories completes our whole outfit and they express our personality, therefore the accessories are so important in my work as a stylist. 

I hand pick carefully my fabrics and materials from fabric sellers and stores that sell leftovers from factories. That is why I only make 1-3 bags of each style.


My fabrics come mostly from China, Hong Kong and Japan but also from vintage and second hand stocks from all over the world. My favorite materials are velvet, jacquard, brocade, lace and silk.

With my own fabric left overs I have from making bags and clothes I design small accessories, such as – belts, collars, cuffs and a lot of other beautiful things.

My most important values ​​in my brand are the luxury feeling, beauty and sustainability.